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CompTIA 220-604 Exam -

Free 220-604 Sample Questions:

1. Which of the following could be installed to increase the processing capacity of some office printers?
A. duplexer
C. memory
D. Ethernet card
Answer: C

2. Which of the following describes the difference between a network hub and a network switch?
A. Hubs repeat all traffic and switches analyze and intelligently direct the traffic.
B. Hubs intelligently direct traffic and switches repeat all traffic.
C. A switch has an uplink port to add another switch for expansion. A hub does not.
D. A hub has an uplink port to add another hub for expansion. A switch does not.
Answer: A

3. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause of a printing problem if a user is receiving an error before a job is seen in the print queue?
A. Print spooler service is stopped.
B. Too many documents are being printed at once.
C. The size of the document being printed is too large.
D. There is a mechanical problem with the printer.
Answer: A

4. A customer has an older laptop and wants to have the processor upgraded to make the laptop run faster. Which of the following would be the BEST action to take?
A. Fill out a work order for the customer and upgrade the laptop.
B. Inform the customer that upgrading RAM would be a better option.
C. Tell the customer that the laptop cannot be upgraded to increase performance and a new laptop should be purchased.
D. Inform the customer to avoid using the laptop on battery power and performance will improve.
Answer: B

5. A user reports that a local ink jet printer is not printing. The user has a signed driver, the printers hardware is working, ink is full, print heads are clean, and the printer is connected correctly via USB. The print queue has 20 documents waiting for the printer. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause of the problem?
A. The print head has failed.
B. The printer is set to offline mode in Windows XP.
C. There is insufficient memory installed in the printer.
D. Windows firewall is blocking packets being sent to the printer.
Answer: B

6. Which of the following would be the BEST method to use to determine whether a laptop battery is seated correctly?
A. Shake the battery housing while the computer is on.
B. Remove the battery while the computer is plugged in.
C. Turn the computer on with the alternating current (AC) cord unplugged.
D. Change the advanced power management settings in the BIOS.
Answer: C

7. When using an ink jet printer, a user reports that some colors seem to be missing intermittently. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause of the problem?
A. There is a problem with the document being printed.
B. The printer needs to be calibrated.
C. An incorrect paper type is being used.
D. The print head is clogged.
Answer: D

8. Which of the following would be the cause if a system utilizing a shared memory bus system that had its memory upgraded continues to have performance issues when using a graphic-intensive application?
A. The CPU acceleration needs to be configured to the maximum setting.
B. The screen refresh rate needs to be set to the minimum possible settings.
C. The shared system can only utilize a fixed amount of memory from system bus.
D. The Enable Write combining option needs to be selected in the Troubleshooting tab of the Advanced setting in the Control Panel Display applet.
Answer: C

9. A dual-layer DVD-R disc has a maximum data capacity of:
A. 4.7GB
B. 2.1GB.
C. 700MB.
D. 9.4GB.
Answer: D

10. A technician is working on a laptop that is powered on but has a black LCD screen. Which of the following should the technician do to start troubleshooting the laptop?
A. Replace the LCD inverter.
B. Connect an external monitor to the laptop.
C. Replace the LCD screen.
D. Connect a video tuner to the laptop.
Answer: B

11. A technician receives a new printer for repair and the work order states that when powered on the printer makes a loud noise and will not print. Which of the following actions should the technician take?
A. Install new drivers on the computer.
B. Install a new ink cartridge.
C. Install a print head on the printer.
D. Remove the packing tape from the print head.
Answer: D

12. A shipping department is reporting that a laser printer in the receiving area is becoming jammed because the printer attempts to pull several sheets of paper for each print. Which of the following may be the cause?
A. The paper is sticking to the corona wire and causing the jam.
B. Humidity is causing the paper to stick together.
C. A4 paper is being used and may not be supported by laser printers.
D. The fusion roller is dirty and pulling too many sheets of paper.
Answer: B

13. Which of the following is used to produce the best LCD image on a laptop?
A. Active matrix
B. Active scanning
C. Dual scan
D. Passive matrix
Answer: A

14. When installing a new scanner, Windows XP does not automatically recognize the scanner. Which of the following actions should be taken?
A. Use the Scanners and Cameras Wizard to add the device.
B. Enable the scanner in the BIOS.
C. Add new printer Wizard.
D. Ensure the scanner is not locked.
Answer: A

15. Which of the following may cause a printer to not print correctly after updating from Windows 98 to Windows XP?
A. Incorrect printer driver.
B. Printer needs calibration.
C. Dirty printer head.
D. Font settings on the printer.
Answer: A

16. Which of the following would be the LAST step to take when installing a network printer?
A. Print the test page.
B. Print a blank sheet of paper.
C. Ping the printer's IP address.
D. Reboot the computer.
Answer: A

17. Which of the following is the recommended maintenance for a laser printer?
A. Clean all fan filters; wipe down the paper path and re-adjust the corona wire.
B. Clean all pickup rollers; re-adjust the corona wire and replace the fuser assembly.
C. Clean all pickup rollers; replace the fuser assembly and clean all fan filters.
D. Clean all pickup rollers; wipe down the paper path and clean all fan filters.
Answer: D

18. A technician is locked out of a desktops BIOS because of a forgotten password. Which of the following is a method of removing the password?
A. Replace the power supply unit.
B. Reseat the systems memory.
C. Reset the proper jumper.
D. Re-install the operating system.
Answer: C

19. Before removing a shared folder from a computer on a network, which of the following should be done FIRST?
A. Defragment the computer's hard drive.
B. Notify all users.
C. Close all open files.
D. Remove share privileges.
Answer: B

20. Which of the following would be an example of a biometric device?
A. USB security key
B. smart card reader
C. thumb print reader
D. encryption password
Answer: C