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Cisco 646-363 Exam -

Free 646-363 Sample Questions:

1. Cisco SMARTnet maintains the operational health of your network through Cisco expertise and resources that promote greater uptime and extend the value of your IT investment. Which service is provided by Cisco SMARTnet?
A. upgrade discounts
B. Free CCO account
C. Cisco Learning Credits
D. around-the-clock access to Cisco Technical Access Center
Answer: D

2. How can mobile devices and wireless networks be secured?
A. by securely deploying new applications with appropriate performance levels
B. by providing security that is based on a multilayer, system-level approach
C. by looking subjectively at network traffic for abnormal flows
D. by requiring a host-based hardware application
Answer: B

3. You are Cisco Channel Partner Account Managers in Which service component within the prepare phase recommends the appropriate technology strategy to address a business requirement of the customer?
A. finding out what a customer requires from a proposed solution
B. analyzes the customer's business requirements and recommends the appropriate Cisco technologies to meet business requirements
C. finding out what end-user training a customer requires
D. finding out a customer's physical requirements
Answer: B

4. Which two benefits of network integration would be critical to a large metropolitan hospital? (Choose two.)
A. computerization of order entry for physicians
B. compliance with HIPPA requirements
C. improved bandwidth
D. greater fault tolerance
Answer: A, B

5. You are Cisco Channel Partner Account Managers in You need to explain why the banking industry is ready to take advantage of an integrated network infrastructure. What is your explanations?
A. Because Banks are still connecting via dial-up.
B. Because Banks need to save cost.
C. Because Banks find themselves with an obsolete branch infrastructure.
D. Many banks need back-office process streamlining.
Answer: C

6. Which two series of routers can integrate security services, enable wireless networking, and simplify network management? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco 830 Series routers
B. Cisco 850 Series routers
C. Cisco 1700 Series Modular Access Routers
D. Cisco 3800 Series Integrated Services Routers
Answer: B, D

7. You are Cisco Channel Partner Account Managers in You have a new client is growing fast. The client's IT staff change network manually and extremely overworked. You suggest him implement a network management system, which important business benefit you should address?
A. saving his time
B. provision of an out-of-band management architecture
C. threat mitigation
D. reduction in network downtime
Answer: D

8. Because of the systems-level approach, Cisco security can defend against widespread attacks from hackers and viruses. What describes the Cisco network security strategy?
A. Cisco Trust Agent
B. Cisco Self-Defending Network
C. Cisco Secure Access Control
D. Cisco Network Admission Control
Answer: B

9. You are Cisco Channel Partner Account Managers in Please point out three service components are in the design phase.
A. Qualification and Planning
B. Detailed Design Development
C. Staging Plan Development
D. Systems Acceptance Test Plan Development
Answer: B, C, D

10. What are two benefits of the Cisco 1800 Series Integrated Services Routers? (Choose two.)
A. fixed configuration for secure broadband, metro Ethernet, and wireless connectivity
B. configuration for security policy monitoring
C. dynamic management through self-healing processes
D. connectivity options and investment protection through support for existing Cisco 1700 Series WICs
Answer: A, D

11. Which three business requirements development activities are performed in the prepare phase before creating a technology strategy? (Choose three.)
You are Cisco Channel Partner Account Managers in Before creating a technology strategy, which three business requirements development activities should you perform in the prepare phase?
A. Assessing customer business requirements
B. Categorizing customer business requirements in terms of performance, availability, capacity, and security
C. Writing a technology strategy document
D. presenting documented business requirements to a customer and having the customer validate them
Answer: A, B, D

12. Which type of security will allow businesses to focus on achieving business goals?
A. point-product security
B. endpoint security
C. network infrastructure security
D. secure access and threat defense
Answer: C

13. Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC) allows only compliant and trusted endpoint devices, such as PCs, servers, and PDAs, onto the network, restricting the access of noncompliant devices, and thereby limiting the potential damage from emerging security threats and risks. Cisco NAC gives organizations a powerful, roles-based method of preventing unauthorized access and improving network resiliency .What is a Cisco industry initiative that uses the network infrastructure to enforce security policy compliance on all devices that are seeking to access the network?
A. Adaptive Threat Defense
B. Secure Access Control
C. Network Admission Control
D. Threat Defense System
Answer: C

14. Whether an organization is a small or midsize business, an enterprise, or a service provider, there are certain key issues that are shared throughout the business environment. Which two choices best describe key customer security concerns? (Choose two.)
A. increasing response time
B. interacting with suppliers
C. improving operational efficiency
D. reducing complexity
Answer: A, D

15. The Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Switch is a midrange modular platform for unified communications. It is designed for high resiliency, simplified operations, and maximum investment protection with backward and forward compatibility across generations .Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series switches are attractive to mid-size campuses with growth opportunities due to the switches' enhanced security . What are two other features for Cisco Catalyst
4500 Series switches?
A. multilayer software image supports
B. connect to different WAN connections
C. modular, customizable components
D. QoS for converged networks
Answer: C, D

16. The Channel Partner Program falls under which section of
A. Products and Solutions
B. Ordering
C. Technical Support and Documentation
D. Partner Central
Answer: D

17. Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series for Small Business, a critical part of the Cisco Smart Business Communications System, is a unified communications solution for small businesses that provides voice, data, voicemail. For which technology the Cisco UC520 provides integrated WLAN connectivity to mobile clients?
A. voice only
B. data only
C. data and voice
D. None of above
Answer: C

18. In an integrated network, the network itself becomes the main point of control to prevent and respond to threats. What describes the Cisco vision to enable the network to identify, prevent, and adapt to security threats?
A. Cisco Network Admission Control
B. Cisco security solutions
C. Cisco Self-Defending Network
D. Cisco Integrated Wireless Network
Answer: C

19. Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series for Small Business, a critical part of the Cisco Smart Business Communications System, is a unified communications solution for small businesses that provides voice, data, voicemail. Which three features does the Cisco UC520 support?
A. distributed routing
B. Cisco Unity Express
C. security, firewall and VPN
D. analog devices
Answer: B, C, D

20. A small company that is considering a Cisco converged network solution has asked whether you recommend the Cisco 2800 or 3800 Series Integrated Services Routers. Which two resources would you consult to determine the appropriate product? (Choose two.)
A. Partner Enablement Navigator
B. Network Availability Improvement Support
C. Products and Services at
D. Cisco Focused Technical Support
Answer: A, C